What Is My IP?

Your IP address is:


(i) The numbered address above is your current IP address (Internet Protocol).

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VPN Note: This will display the public IP Address that belongs to your VPN service.

If you are using a Proxy server this address is your IP or your proxy server IP depending on how the proxy server has been configured.


What Is My IP

Your IP Address is the location on the internet that you are appearing to come from.

Unlike a physical address your IP address can vary each time your ADSL modem reconnects to the internet.

For mobile and 3G/4G users your IP Address changes each time you start to surf the internet and when you are roaming.

That is what What Is My IP is all about.

Why have you been asked What Is My IP?

If you are working with a support person who is trying to find out why you are blocked by a firewall they will ask you to provide your IP Address.

You then go to What Is My IP .net.au then see your IP address listed near the top of the page.

Your IP Address is how they will also be able to reference log files to establish the cause of problems related to mail sending and receiving.

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What is my IP


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